Our Approach

Company – What do we do?

South Eastern Taxi Brokers is a Taxi Brokering company. We provide payment solutions in the taxis. The Company was established in 2003 and been servicing taxi industry since then. We have experience of 13 years in taxi payment solutions. We have our own Taxi transaction management software and over 300 customers in taxi brokering business. Our customers need is our priority. We always work to improve our system and provide best possible payment system in taxis.

Our Story

Personal Characteristics

Knowledge and Background

Lovedeep and Tarwinder (directors) have obtained the right knowledge and background to help the company flourish in any sort of situation. Coming from a diverse Indian background and learning the business over the past years has given them a distinct edge over other competitors.

Australian Business Values

Living in Australia over the past 12 years has given us a good advantage to study the local market. With a growing Indian community.